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Look for ANS President John Kelly at these upcoming Section visits:

April 25-27, 2018

Trinity Local Section and University of New Mexico Student Section

May 24, 2018

Virginia Local Section

August 28, 2018

Latin American Section

Andy visits the Savannah River Local Section

SEED Day Mouse Trap

VCU Workshop


American Nuclear Society President talks nuclear industry with area professionals

The first joint meeting between the Savannah River Section of the American Nuclear Society and Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness featured a nationally recognized speaker and put the state of America’s nuclear power industry on display.

Dr. Andrew Klein, president of the American Nuclear Society and professor at Oregon State University, spoke to the group in North Augusta Thursday evening, focusing on progress and promotion of nuclear technology and understanding.

He advocated building newer, more efficient plants while ensuring current ones are kept running and are maintained to the highest standards.

“There are four nuclear power plants being built between Georgia and South Carolina and they’re important to what’s coming next,” Klein said.

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SEED Day – Aiken, South Carolina

The Savannah River Local Section again supported the Science Education Enrichment Day (SEED) Day program at USC Aiken on October 1, 2015. We had another successful SEED this year even with the rain in the morning. Started great with getting out of the car in the rain and stepping into a deep puddle to get my shoes wet. Better after that. We had a great volunteer effort with Karmen McClain, Fred Pilot holding down the fission chamber with no lost time accidents. We did have a few unplanned criticalities. These can be used as a form of advertisement as it sends ping pong balls about 30 feet into the crowd. Dan Thomas handled the radiation exhibit and the nuclear power presentation all day long. Mary Mewborn took some pictures and brightened the party. Brent Bland and Alex Deng supported us and did a fine job.

I would guess that we spoke directly to over 300 students and their parents. We all look forward to at least one interaction with the students where I feel we make an impact. One student about 8 years old took the survey meter and scanned the sources quietly. I told him to turn the probe over and see the response. It went down. I asked him what he thought had happened. He said less radiation was getting thru. I asked why. He says in a quiet voice, “this side has no holes”. It is solid. The other side has holes in it so the radiation can come thru. So then I explained the difference between beta and gamma radiation. He understood and smiled.

VCU host four-day science teacher workshop

Virginia Commonwealth University hosted 21 middle and high school math and science teachers at its 10th annual multi-day science teacher workshop, held July 11–15. Titled “The Science of Nuclear Energy and Radiation,” the workshop was organized by the ANS Virginia Local Section and the Virginia chapters of the HPS and NAYGN. Sama Bilbao y León, an ANS member and associate professor and director of nuclear engineering programs at VCU, served as the lead organizer of the workshop, and several other members of the ANS Virginia Section volunteered their time, including keynote speakers Eugene Grecheck— ANS’s immediate past president—and Carol Berrigan, who currently serves on the ANS Board of Directors.

The teachers received instruction, room and board, and teaching materials to take home, including Geiger counters. In addition to lectures,  discussions, and hands-on activities, the workshop included tours of VCU’s nuclear medicine facilities and Dominion’s North Anna nuclear power station. Those teachers who completed pre- and post-workshop assignments and passed a final exam earned four continuing education units through the VCU Office of Continuing Studies.

Nuclear Science Week with the Wilmington Local Section

Wilmington and its nuclear-related businesses were front and center during the seventh annual Nuclear Science Week, a national series of events held each October aimed at educating the public about nuclear science, technology and business. The University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Watson College of Education was the host for 2016, serving as the venue Oct. 20-22 for the main events — called the “Big Event” — of Nuclear Science Week. This event is sponsored by GE Hitachi and Duke Energy Progress. Read more…

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  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018 – Topic: Nuclear Engineering PE Exam and Professional Engineering Licensure, presented by: Joshua Vajda, PEEC
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