The Local Sections Committee  developed the following status categories:

Good Standing

A section is considered to be in good standing if they have completed the following:

  1. adopted the standard bylaws and rules (only has to be completed once)
  2. submitted an annual report worksheet in the current year
  3. updated officer information
  4. hosted at least one outreach event


A section is considered to be active if they have filed an annual report  at least once in last 3 years (Annual Report includes officer info).


A section is considered to be inactive if they lack one or more of the following:

  1. identifiable or active leadership group (officers)
  2. meetings (meetings are required by ANS Bylaws)
  3. communication with constituencies (local section members or ANS national members in its geographic area)


An inactive section that has established a key group of volunteers to work with the Local Sections Committee to revitalize the section.


A dormant section has failed to revitalize after every effort has been exhausted.  Dormant sections are issued a final Notice of Pending Dissolution, and are moved to be dissolved.

If you do not see your section listed, please contact your Local Section Liaison to determine what your section’s current status is.

Sections Currently in Good Standing as of August 31 2019:

Eastern Washington Section
Louisiana Section
Michigan – Ohio Section
Nevada Section
Northeastern New York Section
Northeastern Section
Oak Ridge/Knoxville Section
Pittsburgh Section
Savannah River Section
Trinity Section
Virginia Section
Washington DC Section

Active Sections as of August 31 2019:

Carlsbad Section
Chicago Section
Columbia Section
French Section
Georgia Section
Idaho Section
Japan Section
Kansas Section
Latin American Section
Long Island, New York Section
Mississippi Section
Piedmont Carolinas Section
San Diego Section
Taiwan Section
Wilmington Area Section
Wisconsin Section