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Local Sections Committee members function as liaisons to local sections, providing a vital service for local sections and for ANS. They put a personal element into communications between local sections/plant branches and the ANS/Local Sections Committee (LSC). By devoting a few hours of time and sharing their genuine interest, liaisons can help build enthusiasm on the part of local section leaders – enthusiasm that helps build successful local sections and contributes to the strength of ANS.

The Local Sections Committee has identified some liaison activities that are essential to the effective operation of local sections. In addition, the LSC has compiled a list of best practices that would make liaisons even more valuable to their assigned local sections. These essential activities and additional best practices are listed below. Liaisons are expected to carry out all essential activities and as many of the best practices as time and resources allow.

Essential Activities

  • Maintain periodic contact with assigned local sections/plant branches to get an update on their recent activities, discuss upcoming ANS national events, and be sure they are aware that you are serving as their liaison to the LSC and ANS Headquarters in case they should need information or assistance
  • Coordinate with local section/plant branch chairs to generate the annual report and ensure its timely submission to ANS Headquarters
  • Assist local sections/plant branches, as needed, by referring them to others (ANS staff, leaders of other sections, etc.) for help with specific questions or problems
  • Serve as an advisor to assist the local section chair with coordination of meeting and outreach activities, succession planning, revitalization efforts and the Local Sections Meritorious Award submission and review process
  • Inform appropriate ANS staff and/or LSC members of important developments or problems at the local level

Additional Best Practices

  • Attend, and encourage representatives of the local Sections/plant branches for which you are the liaison, to attend the LSC meetings and workshops held at ANS national meetings
  • Encourage a current or future leader from your assigned local section/plant branch to attend an ANS national meeting
  • Make follow-up contacts and take action, as necessary, with assigned local sections/plant branches, after information they request is provided to them by ANS staff or other LSC members
  • When appropriate, make personal contact with local section/plant branch leaders to reinforce communications broadcast from the LSC
  • Share best practices documented at LSC meetings or workshops at national meetings
  • Consider joining those Local Sections to which you have liaison responsibility

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