Establishing a Local Section

Professional members of the American Nuclear Society can form local sections at any time. The Society encourages local sections as a means of advancing its mission, increasing membership and preparing individuals for leadership roles on the national level. The following guide provides information on the process of forming sections.

Why Start a Section?

ANS is an effective national organization which delivers a range of benefits to members. There are many things that can be accomplished on a local level much more effectively. Local sections serve as a venue for members to get together, share information with colleagues, and attend technical programs or social activities. Local sections can also  provide nuclear science and technology education to it’s local community through outreach. And, most importantly, a local section is aware of and sensitive to the needs that are unique to every community. For these reasons, the creation of a local section would make sense and provide value to nuclear professionals.

What You Need To Get Started

Starting a section is not a difficult process, but it is a process which requires commitment. It requires nuclear professionals who agree with ANS’s mission and wish to take a proactive role accomplishing the mission.

If you have interest in forming a section, please consider the following;

  • If no ANS section exists to serve the nuclear professionals in a particular city or region;
  • If an existing section has grown so large that its leadership wishes to organize a branch in another region;
  • If a local nuclear group already exists and wishes to affiliate with ANS; or
  • If a group of executives feels their needs would be better served by having a section that is more local.

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