Local Section Meritorious Awards

The Local Section Meritorious Awards consists of certificates and a monetary stipend, which are presented to the ANS local sections that have conducted the most worthwhile events; and have shown outstanding membership growth, participation, and administration during the award year. The awards are presented at the Winter Meeting of the Society.  The selected sections are required to give a presentation on their category at Local Section Workshop or LSC webinar.

Awards are issued in the following categories:

  • Best Membership
  • Best Meetings and Programs
  • Best Public Information & Education
  • Best Section Management
  • Best Overall (takes all four)

This award was established in 1971 by the Local Sections Committee to recognize outstanding events by the local sections. All official local sections of the Society are eligible for the award.  As of 2019, the ANS Education, Training and Workforce Development Division has agreed to sponsor the monetary award.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Annual Report Workbook
  2. Compose a 1-2 page summary stating which award categories the section wishes to be considered for. Sections may also submit supporting documentation that highlights the section’s most notable accomplishments from the past year.
  3. The Annual Report Workbook and summary must be sent to honors@ans.org by August 1.

Award Criteria

Application Instructions

These are evaluated by a subcommittee composed of members from the LSC and ETWDD, which selects the awardees.

Suggestions to Help Prepare Awards Applications

– Take pictures at all major events and use them in your awards application.
– Count attendance at all events, including the breakdown of members and non-member participants if possible.
– Keep a record with short summaries of each event, including a brief text description and the attendance.  This is easier than trying to gather all of the information at the end of the year for the awards workbook.



The 2019 winners are:

  •  Best Membership – Oak Ridge/Knoxville
  • Best Meetings and Programs – Eastern Washington
  • Best Public Information and Education – Savannah River
  • Best Section Management – Savannah River


Savannah River Local Section

Maeley Brown, Tracy Stover (SR Secretary), and Amanda Bryson (incoming Chair) at the end of College Night in Augusta after 3.5 hours of talking with high school senior about nuclear science and technology careers.

Tinh Tran, Savannah River

Tara Pandya, Oak Ridge/Knoxville

Local Section Meritorious Awards

This award is presented to local sections that have merited recognition in the areas of membership growth, meetings and programs, public information, and local section management, and to the best overall local section. All official ANS local sections are eligible.

Nomination Deadline: August 1

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