Best Practices

Local sections are encouraged to share information about programs, events, activities and procedures which have contributed to the successful operation of their section. These “best practices” can then be adopted or adapted for use by other sections.  If you have resources to share, please contact the Local Sections Committee.


Benefits of ANS Membership

This presentation can be used by all ANS local and student sections to promote national ANS membership. Use this template before introducing the speaker. Customize the slide deck to promote an upcoming event or opportunities available at your local level.

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WordPress Tutorial: Local Section Websites

Learn about the new local section website template and how to manage the administrative dashboard. Presented by Tracy Coyle.

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Divi Theme Tutorial – learn the basics

Nuclear In My Back Yard Grant Program

Learn about OPD’s new grant opportunity for local sections. Presented by Vince Gilbert.

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How to Host a Scouting Workshop

Learn how to plan and launch a scouting program in your area.

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SAMPLE: Pittsburgh Section (PDF)

How to Build a Teachers’ Workshop Program in Your Area

Learn how to plan and launch a K-12 teachers’ program in your area.

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Nuclear Explorers: Informal Education Program for Youth

Learn how to plan and launch a Nuclear Explorers program in your area.

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National Program Committee

An overview of the ANS National Program Committee and hosting topical meetings.  Presented by Charles “Chip” Martin, NPC Chair, Sunday, June 17, 2018 (Philadelphia, PA)

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The Nuclear Engineering PE Exam and Professional Engineering Licensure

This presentation provides general information for promoting the Nuclear Engineering PE exam to local section members. Slides can be edited to fit your section’s information. Created by the ANS Professional Engineering Examination Committee for use by local sections.

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American Nuclear Society (ANS) Conference – Tritium 2016

April 17-22, 2016, Charleston, South Carolina Prepared by:

  • Dr. Robert P. Addis, General Chair
  • Dr. James E. Klein, Technical Program Chair

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Elements of Section Vitality

Learn about key practices to keep your section alive and active.

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NENY – ANS: Path to Re-energize

Learn how the Northeastern New York Section took steps to revitalize their section.

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Section Management and Public Information

Learn what the Savannah River Section does to keep in good standing.

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