Annual Report (Full Report)

All Local Sections (including international) must submit an Annual Report each year before August 31.  Sections interested in being considered for one of the Local Section Meritorious Awards must submit the Full Report before August 1.  Submit reports to

Online Annual Report Form

Due August 31. The online Annual Report form satisfies the minimal reporting requirement to keep your section in “Active” status.  Sections who only complete the online form will not hold the  “Good Standing” status nor will they be considered for Local Section Meritorious Awards.

ANS Archive File System

Sections may request access to the File Archive Storage System to save important documents for their section. Contact your liaison to learn how.

Download Archive Sign-Up Form

Connect to: File Archive Server once you have your login.

Instructions for using the ANS File Archive Storage System.


Local Section Chair's Manual

This “roadmap” provides the requirements for Local Sections as defined by ANS national, explains where additional information can be obtained, provides reproducible forms to assist in interfacing with ANS national, and provides a storage medium for key documents developed by the Local Section to provide continuity for Local Section leaders. This manual is designed to be a concise reference for key materials, not a repository for general correspondence or other information.

Download Here

Local Section Treasurer's Manual

Provides detailed information needed for Federal Tax reporting, including relevant IRS publications, forms, and instructions. This manual is referenced from summary-level material in the Local Section Chair’s Manual.

Download Here

Local Section Membership Manual

Provides ANS guidance on membership planning, recruiting, and retaining Local Section members as well as information and applications for recruiting members for ANS national.

Download Here

Topical Meeting Manual

This online manual created by the ANS National Program Committee, provides detailed requirements and guidance related to planning, sponsoring, and running topical meetings.  Local Sections play a key part in supporting topical meetings.

Download Here

Local Section Meritorious Awards

This award is presented to local sections that have merited recognition in the areas of membership growth, meetings and programs, public information, and local section management, and to the best overall local section. All official ANS local sections are eligible.

Nomination Deadline: August 1

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